Patient of the Month
Ginger is a 2 year-old calico that was rescued by one of our clients, Joyce Coupe. Read full story>>

Cat Care Hospital

Notice Board
:: Cat Care wishes all a happy, healthy and wonderful new year for 2004!

Summer is flea and tick season. Please make sure that your cat is protected with the proper flea and tick preventative. Cat Care Hospital carries a full range of products including Advantage, Frontline Plus, Revolution, Program and Heartgard.

Please feel free to drop by or to call us today if you have questions about flea and tick products for your cat.

:: The goal of Cat Care Hospital is to provide the most advanced veterinary care to our feline patients in the most compassionate manner possible. Every effort is made to ensure that all our feline patients enjoy a relaxed and positive visit to our hospital.
Cat Care Hospital offers advanced and compassionate medical care for cats.
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