Cat Care Hospital’s Monthly Specials

Discounts for your Kitties

We are offering services or items at a discount to our clients each month. Check back often to see what’s new!


October Special

10% off treats!

Treat your cat this month! Valid for purchases made between Oct 1st and 31st.

Treats include Royal Canin brand cat treats as well as Pill Pockets in Chicken or Salmon flavor!

Ask about our Feline Wellness Panel

An affordable health checkup for a kitty of any age

Complete Blood Count
Cholesterol Check
Chemistry Panel
Thyroid Check
Feline Leukemia Test (optional at an additional cost)
A physical exam plus all of the above is included in our current Feline Wellness Panel for $144.57!  (Add a feline leukemia test if your kitty goes outside for an extra $28.76)

Results are available from the lab in 24-48 hours. Please ask our staff about this service today.



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